Enriching lives and imparting values, one smile at a time

We set forth on this journey with a dream: Giving value and enriching people’s life. Everything work that we do, every single day is about achieving that dream. Using the knowledge that we have accumulated in the past few years, we continue to guide people towards a happier self, both physically and mentally.

Along this journey, we have found so many like-minded people in this community that we have created. With every passing day, our dream has been constant, with the only difference of new dreamers joining us in collectively achieving that shared dream and crushing our limits.

The Brainchild of a shared dream

We created the Happy Lifters app as our way of expressing ourselves to a wider audience and growing the community globally. It has enabled us to connect to more people globally, while learning and teaching, hand in hand.

With the app, we have tried to come up with a common solution for like-minded people to connect and grow, together. It serves as a medium where our members connect, share and celebrate every achievement with the love and support of the community. For that, we are grateful.

Happy Singh
The man who started it all

Happy Singh started Happy Lifters with a goal that he still carries very close to his heart - “To transform 1,00,000 people and help them accomplish their health goals.” This goal is at the center of what we do.

We collectively believe in the importance that food has in our lifestyle and we wish to make consuming food an enjoyable and healthy experience for all.



Our Vision

We thrive to make Happiness a part of your fitness journey. We firmly believe “there is more to what anybody can achieve.” As you move ahead in your journey of “#BetterYourself”, we want to ensure that you achieve the best fitness and happiness- physically & mentally, with clean & natural nutrition in a long-term sustainable way; the one that your body and mind truly deserve.


Our Mission

Not another weight loss program, but we aim to provide long term sustainable, customized, and non-restrictive solutions for a happy lifestyle